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Cycling in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Cycle Journey Planner

Welcome to the Beta launch of the exciting Cycle Journey Planner for Edinburgh. This is a development of the one that's been running in Cambridge for two years. The developers (Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith) have done an amazing job to produce something that not only offers you direct and scenic route options but will also show photos taken along the route - different depending on which direction you plan to travel.

The mapping is based on OpenStreetMap which is a relatively new idea where anyone can contribute. Edinburgh is pretty well mapped but are there still bits missing - local paths, accurate street names etc. The current tram works in central Edinburgh will make CycleStreets route planning slightly difficult. It also highlights the fact that any computer generated route planning system will produce anomalies or 'mistakes'.

YOU can improve this by adding to OpenStreetMap or giving direct feedback to the CycleStreets website's developers.

Edinburgh CycleStreets has been made possible because local non-profit cycling promotion business ChangingPace saw the potential of the work done in Cambridge and persuaded the Scottish Government's Sustainable Transport section to give a small grant (with the help of Cycling Scotland) to develop an Edinburgh version of Cambridge Cycling Campaign's cycle journey planner.

The work done so far, and the development of OpenStreetMap, means that eventually it will be possible to plan journeys almost anywhere. At present there is a current maximum journey limit of about 50km, which will be lifted in due course as webserver resources permit.

One feature we hope that you will find useful - every time a route is planned it is given a unique URL (the link at the top of your browser, starting http:// ...). This can be used by you in future or sent to a friend who (for instance) is thinking of cycling to work but doesn't know the best route. It is also possible to view planned routes on mobile phones that have internet access.

Cycling in Edinburgh

Have a look at for more information on cycling in Edinburgh.

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Steps over railway at Bruntstane Station on NCN route 1

Hey @Edinburgh_CC, what’s the thought process to install cycle lanes on roads but then let nettles grow over them so they’re impossible to use? This is Duddingston Road West. Any chance in getting this fixed ASAP? @SpokesLothian @Spokes ... [more]

Tremendously exciting! A pulley transfer and cable inspection pit, with its c. 9 foot pulley wheels sitting just below the surface!

[Image taken 7.7.18] Noticeboards next to cycle parking inside Waverley Station, Edinburgh. See also: #165435, #165436, #165437.

[Image taken 7.7.18] Noticeboards next to cycle parking inside Waverley Station, Edinburgh. See also: #165435, #165436, #165438.

[Image taken 7.7.18] Noticeboards next to cycle parking inside Waverley Station, Edinburgh. See also: #165435, #165437, #165438.

[Image taken 7.7.18] Noticeboards next to cycle parking inside Waverley Station, Edinburgh. They are used for publicising events and to provide other information of interest to people who cycle. An excellent practice other cities could adop ... [more]

Really impressed someone has managed to make this section of road more dangerous for cyclists. Didn't think that was possible #allhailthecar

2020.10 edspokesmap11:71 Ramp to the canal

2020.10 edspokesmap 11:71 Ramp to the canal

2020.10 edspokesmap 12:70 Alternative path to EICA. This path was dug up to install a sewer pipe. It is now rough.

2020.10 edspokesmap 10:70 Steps to the canal

What a difference! #SpacesForPeople has made Comiston road an actual delight for people not in cars.

Excellent practice at Civerino's Pizza in Edinburgh - the pop-up cycle lane is for cyclists, not drivers wanting to collect pizza.

Start of the Brunstane Burn path

Start of the Innocent Railway Tunnel

This on southbound A7. There to protect cycle lane to #ERI. Wands dumped inside entrance to park. @EdinPolSE @lmacinnessnp

Cycle lanes aren’t real lanes.

This is why we need #ProtectionNotPaint This new cycle lane was painted yesterday but today there are 7 cars parked on it. Hopefully wands will be added like at the new cycle lane to #RoyalInfirmaryOfEdinburgh @edinhelp @NHS_Lothian ... [more]

Path down to Threipmuir Reservoir

Novelty cycle parking, presumably in keeping with the design of the Scottish Parliament, but reminds me of wire puzzles.

A very clear banner giving the location of the cycle parking.

Same as it ever was

@edinhelp @ 350 Leith Walk

The only (?) Segregated cycleway between Midlothian and the city and it's used as parking on a frequent basis for housing development. @lmacinnessnp @SEStCC @SpokesLothian

Chester Avenue, Slateford, Edinburgh. Where we built an out of town shopping centre in the middle of a residential area. Sunday, 1pm.

Tram tracks on Princes Street

Enjoying the final days of the segregated cycling infra on Leith Street. Back to getting squeezed by drivers next week.

Union canal feeder

Steep narrow steps. Not recommended for a bike, no room at the top of the stairs

Union canal feeder

Footway parking on Waterfront Avenue has reached its magnificent worst this morning. You can see where the bollards were removed and the end result. Frequently meet cars head on on the cycle track.

A bit of a stroll down Princes Street to see the - wait, what do we call these things? - to enable cycles to cross tram tracks.

After a torrent of protests the ban on cycling into Edinburgh Waverley station has been lifted - but there's a barrier to force dismounting at the bottom.

Temporary cycle routes during Edinburgh's Christmas market

Temporary cycle routes during Edinburgh's Christmas market

Sign for temporary shared-use route during Edinburgh's Christmas market

Cycle link to housing development on former Scottish Water site

Sign for cycle routes parallel to the Edinburgh bypass

Sign for cycle routes parallel to the Edinburgh bypass

Uphill cycle lane only.

Now that Princes Street is only used by buses, trams and bikes the ASL seems less necessary.

I wonder if they could have found a way to send NCN route 1 this way instead of on the road.

Short shared-use section allowing cyclists to bypass traffic lights.

There are no cars now on Princes Street, so the sign is a bit confusing.

Instructions for bike carriage in Edinburgh trams

Bikes welcome on Edinburgh trans

There are quite a lot of these signs along the Edinburgh tramway

Footpath link towards Haymarket station

Cyclist heading towards Haymarket station on this footpath link.

Traffic-free route to Haymarket station

Traffic-free link from Haymarket station

Buses, taxis and bikes only on Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

NCN1 by the railway and tramway west from Haymarket station

There are lots of these and similar signs along Edinburgh's tramway.

Cycle lane and cyclist preferring to keep right of the tramlines.

Cycle route (NCN1) crossing tram tracks at Haymarket station, Edinburgh

I'm not sure why there is this brief diversion to the left.

Cycle-friendly sign at roadworks

Very narrow cycle lane - obviously trams will just have to hang back and follow cyclists, but it's still terrifying just to see this.

Cycle parking and temporary signs at roadworks at Haymarket station

Decent covered cycle parking at Haymarket station

Bike & Go bikes at Haymarket station

Now brightly painted, the Sustrans milepost at the new Haymarket station, Edinburgh

How is anyone to safely use Leith Walk cycle lane when this is a daily sight @edinhelp @Edinburgh_CC @leithsworstpark

1/2 Yet another #designfail for #Edinburgh #cyclinginfrastructure. If this is what extra funding gets us we're screwed.

So my first trip up the protected cycleway on Leith Walk was predictably enjoyable

Milepost Middle Meadow Walk

Lins Mill Aqueduct

New drain 2017

unioncanal ncn754

New sticking plasters at Edinburgh tramlines

I despair - pavement, double yellow lines and right by a major cycle route - in Leith this morning

On-road cycle lanes vs segregation.

I wonder if @forthroadbridge have plans to trim the bushes, as pedestrians can't keep to their side of the line.

More cycle parking at Waverley station.

Plenty of demand for and supply of cycle parking at Waverley station.

The rules on the Castle Street pedestrian area have been well & truly bent! Street clearly not safe @edinhelp @LivingStreetsEd

. @south_team why the barriers? Needed lot of heavy lifting among the rubbish, cut finger. Path behind Morrison Gilmerton Rd. Reply from South Team: Barriers erected at request of public to deter motor bikes etc. ... [more]

2017 Alternative path to EICA. edspokesmap 12:70 2020 This path was dug up to install a sewer pipe. It is now rougher.

Famous sights in Edinburgh including the Scott monument with Princes Street in the background. Waverly station's tastefully repurposed booking office is to the right. ... [more]

Union canal feeder

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface Feb 2017

Lunchtime cycle Location: East Pilton, Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom) West Granton Road Underpass

@Edinburgh_CC @CyclingEdin @ScottishPower Path and Cycle path completely blocked. Would you leave a road like that?

Colinton Dell Tunnel (13/365) [explored] Location: Colinton, City of Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom) Back down to earth with a bump after yesterday's 'Made Explore for the first time in years and got 40+ favourites' excitement. ... [more]

Outside McDonald's

New cycle path bridge over busy road

New shared use cycle path

New Cycle path with excellent destination signage.

Replacement 'magic paint' cycleway on George Street as much use as a chocolate teapot

Almondell aqueduct, Union canal

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