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Cycling in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Cycle Journey Planner

Welcome to the Beta launch of the exciting Cycle Journey Planner for Edinburgh. This is a development of the one that's been running in Cambridge for two years. The developers (Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith) have done an amazing job to produce something that not only offers you direct and scenic route options but will also show photos taken along the route - different depending on which direction you plan to travel.

The mapping is based on OpenStreetMap which is a relatively new idea where anyone can contribute. Edinburgh is pretty well mapped but are there still bits missing - local paths, accurate street names etc. The current tram works in central Edinburgh will make CycleStreets route planning slightly difficult. It also highlights the fact that any computer generated route planning system will produce anomalies or 'mistakes'.

YOU can improve this by adding to OpenStreetMap or giving direct feedback to the CycleStreets website's developers.

Edinburgh CycleStreets has been made possible because local non-profit cycling promotion business ChangingPace saw the potential of the work done in Cambridge and persuaded the Scottish Government's Sustainable Transport section to give a small grant (with the help of Cycling Scotland) to develop an Edinburgh version of Cambridge Cycling Campaign's cycle journey planner.

The work done so far, and the development of OpenStreetMap, means that eventually it will be possible to plan journeys almost anywhere. At present there is a current maximum journey limit of about 50km, which will be lifted in due course as webserver resources permit.

One feature we hope that you will find useful - every time a route is planned it is given a unique URL (the link at the top of your browser, starting http:// ...). This can be used by you in future or sent to a friend who (for instance) is thinking of cycling to work but doesn't know the best route. It is also possible to view planned routes on mobile phones that have internet access.

Cycling in Edinburgh

Have a look at for more information on cycling in Edinburgh.

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Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

New sticking plasters at Edinburgh tramlines

I despair - pavement, double yellow lines and right by a major cycle route - in Leith this morning

On-road cycle lanes vs segregation.

I wonder if @forthroadbridge have plans to trim the bushes, as pedestrians can't keep to their side of the line.

More cycle parking at Waverley station.

Plenty of demand for and supply of cycle parking at Waverley station.

The rules on the Castle Street pedestrian area have been well & truly bent! Street clearly not safe @edinhelp @LivingStreetsEd

. @south_team why the barriers? Needed lot of heavy lifting among the rubbish, cut finger. Path behind Morrison Gilmerton Rd. Reply from South Team: Barriers erected at request of public to deter motor bikes etc. ... [more]

Alternative path to EICA from Wilkies Basin

Alternative path to EICA

Famous sights in Edinburgh including the Scott monument with Princes Street in the background. Waverly station's tastefully repurposed booking office is to the right.

Union canal feeder

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface 2017

New surface being laid Feb 2017

New surface Feb 2017

Lunchtime cycle Location: East Pilton, Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom) West Granton Road Underpass

@Edinburgh_CC @CyclingEdin @ScottishPower Path and Cycle path completely blocked. Would you leave a road like that?

Colinton Dell Tunnel (13/365) [explored] Location: Colinton, City of Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom) Back down to earth with a bump after yesterday's 'Made Explore for the first time in years and got 40+ favourites' excitement. ... [more]

Outside McDonald's

New cycle path bridge over busy road

New shared use cycle path

New Cycle path with excellent destination signage.

Replacement 'magic paint' cycleway on George Street as much use as a chocolate teapot

Almondell aqueduct, Union canal

A contractors' access turning circle surrounded in barriers, while passengers, including those with bikes, restricted to narrow walkways on the entrance ramps (see also #67002). The priorities sign is wrong too.

Leaving the King's Buildings Campus, a toucan light allows you to set off in all directions during the pedestrian phase. Unfortunately, in the other direction you can use the toucan only from the "quality bike corridor" on Mayfield Road (fo ... [more]

Chicanes at the bottom of the path leading into Craigmillar Castle Park. They are quite narrow and difficult to negotiate as they are at the bottom of a fairly steep section of the path.

Chicanes, another set a bit further down in background of the image. A little bit too narrow, you can wiggle through on a normal bike but tandems and trailers are blocked.

Chicanes at beginning of path between Forkenford and Kings Haugh, in good state but a bit narrow, not recommended for trailers or tandems although the path is wide enough for maneuvring.

Boillard plus chicanes (in bad state) with fairly narrow gap, overgrown and usually full of rubbish.

Narrow entrance gate into Craigmillar Castle Park

Road surface Hill Street

Location of a chicane that has been removed, on the Innocent Railway Path.

Red paint - doing nothing to secure my safety on Leith Walk #space4cycling (please)

@Edinburgh_CC Do you ever feel you've just wasted money on paint. Leith Walk, pointless paint.

A reminder that details are important - puddle exactly on the new #meadows #innocent bike extension See also #67244.

A reminder that details are important - puddle exactly on the new #meadows #innocent bike extension See also #67245.

Why not? #welcometoEdinburgh

Heavily damaged road surface forcing cyclist to centre of carriage way on high speed carriageway with extensive usage by HGV's.

Poorly managed high speed junction, accident black spot to popular cyclist route away from main roads.

Warning ! Large crack in road forcing cyclists out to centre or carriageway. There is a second one 5 metres on.

Warning ! Horrific road surface to navigate on blind bend corner is often cut by oncoming traffic.

Warning !! Awful road surface to navigate narrow road while keeping check of traffic in both direction.

New Buccleuch St segregated cycle lane being used as carpark already. 4cars+advertising van today at lunchtime :(

No right turn into Cultins Road, but the footway has shared-use signs on it at various points, such as at #65561.

Cycleway junction near Edinburgh Park station.

Cycleway tramway crossing on route 8.

Route 8 crosses the tramway, while the speed limit sign has gained an "except buses, taxis & cycles" plate!

A route sign for the college tells people on bikes to dismount and use the pedestrian crossing.

A sign for route 8 tells people on bikes to dismount and use the pedestrian crossing. There is plenty of room to provide a proper cycleway.

So having followed red background signs on the "RR" cycle route I now encounter one with a green background, which are meant to be for the opposite direction.

A route sign completely hidden from view by a larger sign!

The Innocent Railway Path approaching the Innocent Tunnel, with the path into Holyrood Park off to the left.

Limited sightlines at the junction with the Innocent Railway Path (NCN1).

The John Muir Way turns left here, to join the Innocent Railway Path (NCN1).

The John Muir Way turns right here down the connection to the Innocent Railway Path (NCN1).

A desire line to join the path from the road in Holyrood Park.

Tiny signage for the John Muir Way at the entrance to Holyrood Park, and no dropped kerb either.

The cycle lane on Wester Hailes Road is partially obstructed by vegetation. The surface is also somewhat rough.

I don't know what they were thinking either! The cycle lane has a 'Give Way' at the far end of the bus stop.

Another confused sign for the "RR" cycle route. The red (westbound) direction is given as both straight ahead and U-turn back around the Clovenstone Roundabout.

A dual carriageway ahead, and the start of another section of painted cycle lane.

classy parking on Leith walk cycle lane Sunday evening @SpokesLothian @fountainbridge

On my first pass of this junction I saw the "RR" cycle route sign on the right at the last minute and continued to head straight on up the road on the left. However, after seeing no further signs, I came back to this junction for another lo ... [more]

So going back to photo #65669 we see that red is for westbound and green is for eastbound. So what does the top sign mean? Just as well it is almost hidden by the vegetation.

A road closure with bollards and "No Entry except cycles" signs.

Random worn-out painted cycle lanes on a roundabout. Certainly not where I'd position myself on the road!

Sign explaining signs on westbound "RR" cycle route have red backgrounds while eastbound the backgrounds are green. The signs in photo #65672 have the all important directions to be taken at the upcoming junction.

There is plenty of roadspace, but the cycle lanes have stopped, and the motorists are driving too fast, setting off the electronic speed sign.

Cars parked in the cycle lanes on Oxgangs Road. There are no waiting restrictions to prevent this.

The start of the cycle lane on Oxgangs Road, on the "RR" cycle route, but there are parked cars up ahead.

"RR" route sign at Fairmilehead.

The "RR" cycle route carries straight on here.

The first route sign I noticed for the "RR" cycle route since joining at Gilmerton Dykes Street. It isn't even at a junction!

The "RR" cycle route has plenty of roadspace, but it has been arranged for the convenience of motorists, without any thought about cycling!

The junction of the "RR" cycle route with the A701 at Kaimes has nothing more than Advance Stop Lines.

In Gracemount, the "RR" cycle route looks like it is just an ordinary road, with no special cycle infrastructure.

The gate at the end of this path past Craigmillar Castle

The path around Craigmillar Castle, marked on OSM, is just a worn track in the grass!

So the path around Craigmillar Castle, marked on OSM, turned out to be a worn grass path!

Toucan crossing across Craigmillar Castle Road

A motorist parked partly across the Craigmillar Castle Park cycle path entrance, and not in the slightest bit bothered.

A cycle path in front of flats in Craigmillar Castle Road. While this bit is straight, it gets twisty further down the hill. Parked cars protrude into the cycle space.

Gate with gap on former railway line, approaching toucan crossing across Duddingston Road West

A gate with a sliding locking bar across the newly surfaced path into the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park.

The newly surfaced path through the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park, at the turn-off for Gilmerton Dykes Street.

Directions in the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park are by way of these stone blocks. It wasn't obvious to me at the time which way was which, but I see from the map that it gives the name of a nearby street on one side.

A newly surfaced path through the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park

On the left an asphalt path, on the right the dirt path through the Moredun Wood from Gilmerton Road.

A typical Edinburgh barrier at the end of a path through to another street.

Narrow painted cycle lanes on Gilmerton Road

Opening gate at entrance to Moredun Wood, Ellen's Glen and the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park, which leads to a woodland trail that is useable on a bike, but you wouldn't come through here on the way back from the supermarket!

Narrow painted cycle lanes on very busy Old Dalkeith Road

A poor road surface on Bruntsfield Place, and a doorzone cycle lane past some car parking.

Roadspace on Bruntsfield Place, including people on their way to Pedal on Parliament.

We welcome your feedback, especially to report bugs or give us route feedback.

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